Love God, Serve Community and Enjoy Mountains.



To be a center for the Gospel in the White Mountains.
“A light in the Whites”

Our Values


Our original design is to bring glory to God and we seek to do that with our whole life.


Through shared common experiences, we seek to build relationships with those who do not know Christ so that they may know God’s love and His design for their life.


By way of community, we intentionally build upon what God is doing in a believer’s life to deepen and enrich their relationship with God.


The prophet Jeremiah (chapter 29) asks the Israelites to enhance the community around them. We seek to do that by considering our community’s needs above our own.


We are committed to sharing what God has given to us. As James said, religion that God accepts is one that helps the less fortunate.


It has been said: When a burden is shared, it is cut in half. But when a joy is shared it is doubled. With high fives, hugs, and much more; it is our desire to encourage the body of Christ in Lincoln NH, New England, the nation and the world.